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Sedation Dentistry – Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Relax in the Dental Chair

Virtually any dental procedure, including the ones offered here at South Florida Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, can be carried out comfortably thanks to the various types of sedation dentistry near Palm Beach Gardens, FL. We recognize that the mere idea of undergoing oral surgery is enough to make many people feel a little uneasy. However, using the techniques discussed below, we’re able to drastically reduce and often eliminate both physical and mental discomfort for even the most nervous patients. To learn how we may be able to use sedation to make your time with us as easy as possible, contact us today.


  • Office of Oral Surgeons All Certified in General Anesthesia
  • 4 Highly Skilled Oral Surgeons in One Office
  • Multiple Sedation Options

Local Anesthesia

Female patient giving thumbs up for local anesthesia

We use local anesthesia to numb any portion of the mouth that we will treat. In many cases, we begin by applying it topically, and then we administer the rest via an injection. Our team aims to make this part of a procedure as comfortable as possible. We also take a conservative approach to local anesthetic so patients don’t have to deal with hours of lingering numbness after an appointment.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Patient relaxing with the help of nitrous oxide dental sedation

Nitrous oxide is a colorless, mostly odorless gas that works well to soothe patients who experience minor anxiety when receiving oral care. A patient simply inhales it in through a small mask placed over the nose, and almost instantly, they begin to feel happy, warm, and calm. Nitrous oxide also has a slight anesthetizing effect and diminishes the body’s ability to feel pain. The mask remains on for the entire appointment, and after we remove it, the gas’ effects wear off almost immediately, meaning that a patient can quickly resume their normal routine.

General Anesthesia

Word cloud featuring general anesthesia, surgery, operation, dentistry

The type of general anesthesia we use is similar to what is utilized during extensive surgery in that it induces unconsciousness throughout an entire procedure. Patients wake up with no memory of what happened during their treatment. However, ours is much gentler than what you might undergo in a hospital, meaning it’s easier for patients to recover. They don’t experience as much confusion or grogginess. All of our doctors have been certified by the Florida Board of Dentistry for General Anesthesia. This ensures that you receive the best, safest treatment by our highly educated oral surgeons near Palm Beach Gardens.

IV Sedation

Close-up of patient’s hand receiving IV for sedation dentistry

IV sedation involves introducing a sedative directly into the bloodstream via a small injection in either the arm or hand. Almost instantly, it induces relaxation from head to toe. We can adjust it as needed to suit someone’s unique comfort needs. We often recommend it for people who suffer from extreme dental phobia, those who require an invasive procedure, or patients who want to save time by undergoing multiple procedures in one appointment. Our oral surgeons here at South Florida Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery have all completed 4-Year residency training and can administer all levels of IV sedation. They are thus able to provide you with the care you need at a higher level of expertise than a general dentist.

Exparel® Opioid-Free Anesthesia

Relaxed patient, happy about opioid-free anesthesia with Exparel

Opioids are often used along with anesthesia during oral surgery in order to protect a patient from pain. Unfortunately, this can lead to a variety of unpleasant side effects, including itching, nausea, and constipation — and that’s in addition to the risk of addiction. To help our patients enjoy comfortable treatment and steer clear of these potential pitfalls, we use Exparel® opioid-free anesthesia. Exparel® is a long-acting local anesthetic that eliminates the need for prescription opioids. It ensures that you will stay pain-free for up to 72 hours after surgery.