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Zygomatic & Pterygoid Dental Implants – Jupiter, FL

Enjoy High Quality Implants Even with Bone Loss

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How can your dentist help you if you want to get dental implants but don’t have enough density in your jawbone to support them? In many cases, bone grafts and sinus lifts are used to reverse the damage and add new bone height. However, if you want to limit the number of additional surgeries you need, you may be able to get zygomatic and pterygoid implants instead. These special implant posts can be used even when you’ve already suffered from bone loss, letting you enjoy a strong, fully functional grin again. When you schedule a consultation with South Florida Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to discuss replacements for your missing pearly whites, don’t forget to ask about zygomatic or pterygoid dental implants in Jupiter, FL as an option!

How Do Zygomatic & Pterygoid Dental Implants Work?

Unlike traditional dental implants that are placed in the jaw itself, zygomatic and pterygoid implants are anchored to bones that are never resorbed (meaning there’s no bone loss to worry about). Zygomatic implants integrate with the zygomatic bone that’s part of the cheek, while pterygoid implants join with a bone that forms part of the base of your skull. To reach these areas, zygomatic and pterygoid implants are much longer than conventional implants; zygomatics are 30 to 55 mm in length, while pterygoids are usually 15 to 20 mm.

What are the Benefits of Zygomatic & Pterygoid Dental Implants?

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Why do some dentists use special dental implants instead of recommending conventional bone grafts? The answer is they have several advantages for both patient and practitioner, such as:

  • Fewer Surgeries: Using zygomatic or pterygoid implants will eliminate the need for bone grafts in cases of severe bone loss, meaning you won’t have to make time for additional appointments.
  • Shorter Treatment Time: You won’t have to spend months waiting for your implant posts to integrate with your jaw; zygomatic and pterygoid implants are stable enough for a prosthetic to be placed right away.
  • Less Invasive: Compared to bone grafting, getting zygoma or pterygoid implants is a much less invasive procedure.

Am I a Candidate for Zygomatic & Pterygoid Dental Implants?

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If your jawbone has become badly deteriorated for any reason, you might be a candidate for zygomatic or pterygoid implants. We’ll examine the changes in your bone structure before we start planning your treatment. Call us today to start the process!