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Dental Services - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Expert Care Right When You Need It

Countless dentists in and around Palm Beach Gardens rely on the doctors here at South Florida Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, and that’s because when their patients need more involved and complicated procedures, they know they can trust the expertise of our four board-certified oral surgeons. Whether you want a troublesome tooth removed or you’re ready to rebuild your smile with dental implants, our team is able to provide any type of service you might need while delivering premier quality and a comfortable experience that’s sure to make you smile.

Dental Implants

Dental implants in Palm Beach Gardens enable a patient to replace an entire missing tooth from root to crown using a restoration that is practically indistinguishable from a natural tooth when it comes to aesthetics, strength, and durability. At South Florida OMS, each of our doctors has trained extensively to perform every part of the implant placement procedure, so you can trust that your new smile will have a firm foundation and will boost your confidence for a lifetime to come.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Because the wisdom teeth usually don’t come in until the late teens or early twenties, they often become stuck while erupting, or impacted. This can lead to a myriad of problems, including pain and swelling in the gums, crowding of the nearby teeth, and even infections that can damage the jawbone and sinuses. Often, removing these teeth is the most effective way to stop ongoing issues and prevent others from developing in the future. We’ve literally removed thousands of wisdom teeth over the years, so we’ve completely streamlined the process to make it fast, easy, and comfortable for every patient.

Surgical Solutions

Thanks to the combined experience of our oral surgeons, patients are able to get any type of oral surgery they might need in our convenient Palm Beach Gardens location. We can perform all kinds of extractions, corrective jaw surgery to speed up orthodontics, bone grafting to build up the jaw for dental implants, soft-tissue surgery to create a more attractive smile, and even facial trauma surgery. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is also available, in which we use a patient’s own blood to create a substance that dramatically speeds up healing after any procedure.

Sedation Dentistry

Needless to say, just the thought of undergoing oral surgery is enough to cause most patients anxiety, but we make comfort a top priority in everything that we do. That’s why we offer a range of sedation dentistry techniques that can be fully-tailored for each patient to ensure they enjoy a pain-free experience from beginning to end. We can provide light sedation with nitrous oxide, something stronger with IV sedation, and even general anesthesia that allows a patient to literally sleep through their treatment. We also only use Exparel® opioid-free anesthesia—this helps a patient enjoy a comfortable recovery after surgery without the risk of becoming dependent.

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Teeth-in-a Day

With Teeth-in-a-Day, we can literally replace an entire row of teeth in a single appointment using just four strategically-placed dental implants and a temporary denture. This procedure enables many patients to get dental implants in Palm Beach Gardens without having to undergo bone grafting first even if they have suffered extensive bone loss in their jaw. This helps save time while also allowing a patient to recover their smile and enjoy all the benefits of a strong, natural-looking implant denture.