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5 Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatments for a Better Smile

May 2, 2022

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Older man with mouth reconstruction.

Are you ready for a stronger and healthier smile that you can feel confident about? Are you sick of hiding your teeth for pictures and at events? If you are ready to completely restore the state of your grin, a full mouth reconstruction treatment can help you achieve a smile you can feel proud of. Here are 5 of the most popular full mouth reconstruction treatments that you should consider.


What to Eat When: Diet Restrictions after All-On-4 Implant Placement

April 12, 2022

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woman drinking clear liquid as a diet restriction for All-On-4 implants

Are you a foodie? Do you love to cook? If you answered yes, then you find pleasure in a well-crafted meal or treat. But if you want to replace your missing teeth with All-On-4 implants, you may have to forego eating some foods for a while. In fact, your implant dentist will give you some instructions on what you can and cannot eat for the few months following the procedure. Read on to learn what your diet restrictions are during this important healing period.


How Soon After a Tooth Extraction Can I Get a Dental Implant?  

March 9, 2022

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man with dental implant smiling

There are several reasons why a person might need to have a tooth extracted. From an injury that leaves the tooth irreparably damaged to severe decay, extractions are usually the last resort. Having the tooth replaced is an important part of keeping your smile strong and preventing further issues. Though there are several options available, dental implants are widely considered to be one of the best choices. If you want to get dental implants after a tooth extraction, read on to learn how long you need to wait before moving forward with the procedure. 


5 Reasons Why You Might Need a Tooth Removed

February 11, 2022

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Hand holding forceps holding an extracted tooth

Are you afraid of being told you need a tooth removed? Don’t worry; tooth extraction is not a procedure that gets recommended on a whim.  Oral surgeons and dentists prefer to save damaged and decayed teeth whenever they can, with pulling the tooth being a last resort. Of course, that raises the question: what scenarios do call for the removal of permanent teeth? Below are 5 common reasons for extractions.


Is Nitrous Oxide Safe?

January 27, 2022

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Man smiling with nitrous oxide sedation in South Florida

Have you been avoiding going to the dentist? Maybe you have a toothache that’s slowly been getting worse, or it’s simply been longer than six months since your last checkup. From previous bad experiences to issues feeling physically comfortable in the examination chair, there are plenty of reasons why you may be putting off a much-needed trip to your dentist’s office. Fortunately, dental sedation options like nitrous oxide could help make your next appointment a relaxing one without any emotional or physical discomfort! But just how safe is nitrous oxide? Read on to find out — the answer may pleasantly surprise you!

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