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South Florida Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Reviews

Dr. Travis Thompson and his staff are wonderful. Our experience was courteous, professional and prompt. My entire family has been to Dr. Thompson over the past 10 years. They are really an amazing group of people to work with. If you need an oral surgeon, Dr. Thompson is the BEST!

Cathy West

Had a consultation for having four wisdom teeth extracted here. While I had the actual operation at their Jupiter location, Dr. Jeronimo Guzman and the rest of the staff were extremely kind, quick, and informative during my consultation at this location.

Had all four wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Jeronimo Guzman was very informative and kind during the initial consultation. Office staff was very good, providing pricing, information, and confirmations while waiting for the operation. The whole team took very good care of me during the operation, which was quick and smooth. I’ve hardly experienced any pain during my recovery. Absolutely fantastic work.

Brendan Carson

I had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr Travis Thompson, the whole staff there is incredible, so friendly! It seems like their sole purpose is to make you feel comfortable. I was terrified of the surgery, but when I lay down on the chair they put some music on and explained every detail of what they were doing in preparation of the surgery, so that I knew what was going on and that made me feel incredibly calm. Plus, they gave me a t-shirt and a soft toothbrush for home. Excellent experience!

Suanne Sampaio

Let me start off by saying – Dr. Thompson is an exceptional doctor!

Finding Dr. Thompson was truly a miracle. Dr. Thompson performed emergency surgery on my father after he spent an agonizing few months in pain as the result of an impacted wisdom tooth that was not only negatively impacting his health, but evolved into a condition that almost nearly cost him his life. My father had visited many other oral surgeons before he saw Dr. Thompson- all of whom either turned him away or attended to treating only the symptoms he was experiencing, and not the actual problem itself.

My father was very nervous about going in for surgery, and Dr. Thompson was incredible at making my dad feel calm and cared for. He was extremely professional and addressed all of our concerns with genuine compassion and concern. He explained the details of the surgery and was very up front about the risk factors involved to make sure my dad was well-informed ahead of time on what he could expect.

Given the complexity of the surgery, upon its completion, Dr. Thompson sent my dad to the hospital for further monitoring and care. Dr. Thompson followed my dad throughout his entire admission and was involved in all treatment decisions. He was also available to answer any questions we had along the way.

Dr. Thompson is not only a great oral surgeon, but he is kind, caring and honest. My family and I are extremely grateful to Dr. Thompson. I highly recommend this doctor to anyone in need of a great oral surgeon!

Nealy Kaminowitz

Dr. Christopher Chafin is the surgeon to see! I had been putting off getting my impacted wisdom tooth out for many years. Mostly because the other surgeons I saw for a consult warned me it would be a difficult extraction with considerable difficulty and pain. Once I could no longer put if off, I saw Dr. Chafin and he confidently assured me all would go well and not to worry. I would recommend Dr. Chafin over anyone in the area. His assistant Ashley is very capable as well. Very pleased!

Susan S

I was a bit nervous when I got to doctor Guzman’s office. I had to get two wisdom teeth removed, but my experience was exceptional. The treatment that I received from Dr. Guzman’s nurses and himself was above and beyond. The procedure was fast and perfect. My recovery is going very well. I highly recommend them.

Patricia De Anda

Came in this morning to get my wisdom teeth pulled and I was very nervous. however, from the woman who helped me check in to the anesthesiologist and nurse, and Dr. Weinstein, they made the whole process as easy and pain free as could be with clear instructions for aftercare! I couldn’t have asked for it to go any smoother, highly recommend them for anyone who needs to have their wisdom teeth pulled.

Tip: if you feel like you may bleed a lot, ask for some more gauze in your aftercare package as I went through all of mine in the first 5 hours

Sarah Janelle

I went to SFOMS to have my wisdom teeth extracted in December 2014. The staff was very pleasant and informative even before my initial appointment. Although I would not go as far as saying that wisdom teeth removal is fun… Dr. Thompson and his team were fantastic. I highly recommend them and was even more impressed by their genuine care and follow ups during the week following my surgery. Thank you.

Kayla Spriggs

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