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BMP (Bone Morphogenetic Protein) in West Palm Beach, FL

Bone loss leads to several dental issues, many of which require tooth extraction. Your options for replacing the tooth may be limited due to the limited amount of remaining bone. Bone morphogenic protein is a valuable option for patients who have bone loss. South Florida Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery offers BMP (bone morphogenic protein) to our patients in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and other nearby areas in Florida.

What is BMP (Bone Morphogenic Protein)?

Bone morphogenic protein, or BMP, occurs naturally in the human body. By using BMP as part of your oral surgery, we may be able to offer you more options for saving your natural teeth or replacing those that are lost. BMP works by helping to create and keep the bone that holds your teeth in place. Best of all, the protein can be replicated synthetically. This is a much better option when compared to substances that are used to extend grafts or fill in areas of bone loss, such as demineralized bone or ceramic materials.

Benefits of BMP (Bone Morphogenic Protein)

Of the 20 different types of bone morphogenic proteins, only five have been proven effective for bone loss. For procedures specific to oral-maxillofacial surgeries, the only one we use is known as “BMP-2.” The substance offers greater bone development in oral applications. This type of BMP is both safe and effective for our patients.

Bone morphogenic protein cannot be used for:

  • Patients with active infections in the area being treated with oral surgery
  • Patients who have a history of allergic reaction to certain types of proteins
  • Pregnant women
  • Near certain tumors
  • Patients with active malignancies

What is the Procedure for BMP (Bone Morphogenic Protein)?

Bone morphogenic protein is approved by the FDA for use in oral-maxillofacial surgeries. Traditional bone grafts require harvesting bone from the leg, jaw, chin, hip or rib. This can extend patient recovery time and produce less desirable results. Using BMP for your oral surgery involves mixing the substance with sterile water and then applying it to a special collagen sponge. The collagen and BMP work together to produce a viable replacement for lost bone. The sponge material is naturally absorbed by your body, so no secondary surgery is required. Your body develops bone over the sponge and fills in the void in the natural bone.

Preparing for BMP (Bone Morphogenic Protein)

Using bone morphogenic protein for your oral-maxillofacial surgery requires no special preparation on your part. We determine the amount of material that is needed and mix it during your surgery.

Recovery from BMP (Bone Morphogenic Protein)

BMP does not extend your recovery time. On the contrary, it may shorten your healing when compared to a similar procedure that does not use bone morphogenic protein. Some patients experience a redness of the skin after their procedure with BMP. Clinical trials have not be performed on patients less than 18 years old or women who are or may become pregnant. If you fall into one of these categories, we will recommend another option.

How Much Does BMP (Bone Morphogenic Protein) Cost in Jupiter?

Your dental insurance may cover the cost of BMP (bone morphogenic protein) as part of the procedure. Our benefits coordinator will serve as a liaison between you and your insurance company to determine what if any benefits are available, as well as what your copay and deductible amounts are. Once we have determined your out-of-pocket costs, we will then discuss our many payment options, which include cash, personal check, and major credit cards.

Many of our patients are also able to afford treatment by applying for CareCredit® financing . CareCredit® is a credit card that can be used at leading healthcare providers such as dentists, optometrists, and general practitioners. This makes it a great option if you are considering treatment from more than one provider. Even those with less-than-perfect credit scores are often approved for CareCredit® and can obtain payment plans they can easily fit into their monthly budget.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Your consultation appointment is an opportunity for you to meet your surgeon and collaborate on a treatment plan. We will perform a complete oral examination and review any records from your family dentist. If you need oral surgery, you will need to sign consent forms. We will also provide instructions that need to be followed in the days before your procedure.

Repairing bone loss with bone morphogenic protein, or BMP gives you many more options for your oral surgery. South Florida Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery proudly offers BMP (bone morphogenic protein) for patients in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and other nearby areas in Florida. Contact us now to schedule your consultation.

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